Theresa Grams lived in Boulder, Colorado until she was about 12.  Her love of the western lifestyle began there, as did her love of all things art.  She was often seen taking photos of local deer and other wildlife that she would draw whenever she had the chance.  She has been told that she was a very loud and "energetic" child and the only way to keep her sitting and quiet for any length of time would be to focus her on some type of art project, anything from painting ceramics to paper mache to sculpting with clay. Although largely self taught, she did have art teachers as a child when her grandmothers would have her draw, photograph and paint the roosters, cows and pigs on the family farms in Minnesota to keep her busy when visiting.  Theresa started focusing on art as an adult about 7 years ago when she opened her first studio space in the NE Minneapolis Arts District.  In addition to exhibiting her work during open studio events, she has exhibited and won awards at various juried art shows. Her art was included in videos celebrating 100 years of the National Park Service in 2016, and she was the featured artist for Yosemite Renaissance 32 in 2017. 

Artist Statement

The intent of my work is simple - to capture the essence and my passion for my subject on a canvas.  I typically start my paintings very detailed and refined, and will then add varying degrees of abstraction and splashes of color to bring out an unexpected and unique energy.  My subject matter tends to focus on farm & western themes.