Theresa Grams 

oil painter


Theresa Grams is an oil painter from Minnesota who is passionate about painting wildlife and farm animals.  She developed an early love for western art as a child living in Boulder, Colorado. You could argue that she technically began her artistic career then, spending countless hours photographing the deer and other animals that would wander down from the mountains and then turning those images into various forms of (questionable) art.    

Theresa was heavily influenced by the teachings of her artistically gifted grandmother when visiting the family farm in Minnesota.  Being a very naughty and loud child, the best way to keep her out of trouble was to give her any type of art project--and she was given many.  Working with her grandmother on painting roosters, cows and pigs formed the basis for her work today, although now she does not get lectured about the reasons why not to paint a cow bright blue.


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